Community Cleanup at Grove Shafter Park

Community Cleanup at Grove Shafter Park

A Collaborative Effort for a Greener Oakland

A Rainy Day for a Cleaner Oakland

Even the rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of the dedicated volunteers who gathered at Grove Shafter Park for an impactful community cleanup event with Keep Oakland Beautiful. It’s heartwarming to see so many people come together with a shared goal: keeping Oakland clean, green, and beautiful.

Powerful Partnerships for a Greater Good

This successful event was a collaborative effort, made possible by our proud partnership with major local and national organizations. Together with Toyota USA, Keep America Beautiful, Clean California, Caltrans District 4, Urban Compassion Project, and Waste Management, we managed to remove an impressive 2 tons of trash from Martin Luther King Jr Way.

Our collective efforts demonstrate the power of community and the significant impact we can achieve when we work together. These partnerships are crucial in our quest to create a sustainable and litter-free environment for all residents of Oakland.

A Special Thanks to Our Supporters

A huge shoutout is due to Keep America Beautiful for providing the cleanup kits, which were essential in our efforts. The team at Alamar Oakland generously provided lunch, keeping our volunteers fueled and ready. DJ Squaropolis brought the beats, adding a lively soundtrack to our hard work.

We also want to express our gratitude to Colonial Donuts for their delicious donut donation, which was a sweet treat for our volunteers.

Lastly, our efforts would not have been as effective without the compost bins and responsible trash disposal provided by Waste Management. Their support in ensuring proper waste management is invaluable in keeping our community spaces clean and environmentally friendly.

A Community Effort Recognized

We were honored by the presence of local leaders and organizations such as Kimberly Mayfield and Caltrans District 4. Your support and participation in these events underscore the importance of community involvement in urban beautification and environmental stewardship.

Looking Forward

This event is just one of many that highlight the spirit of Oakland and the commitment of its people to a cleaner, greener future. We invite everyone to stay engaged, participate in upcoming events, and continue to support the efforts of the Urban Compassion Project and our partners in making Oakland a better place for all.

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