Solving Social Issues Through Solidarity

Our Contribution to a Larger Cause

UCP tackles the intertwined issues of homelessness, public health, and environmental degradation through a multifaceted approach that not only cleans and beautifies neighborhoods but also fosters community cohesion and supports individuals in their journey toward stability and self-sufficiency.

Compassionate Collaboration

We believe in the power of collective action. By partnering with local businesses, volunteers, and other organizations, we amplify our impact and foster a sense of shared purpose.

Lend Your Hands and Share Your Talents Through Volunteering

Our volunteers are the backbone of our operations. We offer a range of opportunities for community members to contribute their time and talents.

We Are Committed to the Health, Welfare, and Empowerment of Our Unhoused Community

Uniting to Meet Essential Needs

Each Thursday, we bring the community together to distribute vital items like warm clothing, bedding, and personal care products to those in need.

These donations, both new and gently used, can be donated to our organization and provide immediate relief and comfort across the Greater Bay Area, particularly in Oakland.

Please explore the “Get Involved” section of our website to find volunteer opportunities, upcoming events, make donations and learn  how you can contribute to our initiatives.

A Little about What We Do!

Case Management

A client-centered approach ensuring that individual needs are heard and met, creating tailored plans for each person.

Education and Awareness

Raising awareness about the challenges faced by the unhoused and promoting community involvement through various platforms.

Fundraising and Donations

Organizing events and campaigns to gather financial support, ensuring the sustainability of our programs and services.

Resource Distributions

Weekly distribution of essential items like clothing, hygiene products, and meals to our unhoused community.

Community Advocacy

Engaging with unhoused neighbors to connect them with vital housing and services, fostering a supportive network.

Community Cleanups

Join us in our weekly cleanups that not only beautify the area but also build trust and cooperation among all community members.

From Foster Youth to Oakland's Trailblazer in Addressing Homelessness

Read about the key moments in Vincent’s life that shaped his mission. Click to step through his story.

A native of Oakland born at Highland hospital, at 6 months old, Vincent was placed into foster care. At age 9, he became unhoused, and would remain that way until he was 33. The whole time, Vincent cycled through the system of countless foster homes, group homes, juvenile halls, and mental health facilities, along with a 19 year drug addiction.

In 2019, after serving 4 years 8 months and 19 day on a 7 year sentence in the California Department of Corrections, Vincent was released, only to find himself unhoused again, with no resources, and afraid that he would find himself battling life on the streets again.


Vincent saw the state of his community, and noticed the lack of care given to public spaces, and decided that he would focus on making them safer, humane spaces for all. His experience was one that told him that if there was any real chance for change, it would have to start with a model of individual care. So he began cleaning parks, and encampments. Spending hours pulling tons of trash and debris out of these areas. He would involve the unhoused in these areas, and never left without making sure they had the tools and equipment needed to continue sustainability efforts themselves. And so was birthed Urban Compassion Project.

Vincent’s vision for starting the community based project, was to inspire the community in pitching in in our public spaces. That everyone, regardless of age, race, sexual identity or economical class, had a safe space to be part of community.

Vincent brings with him the knowledge he learned as Operations Manager and Benefits manager at The Oakland LGBTQ Community Center. A center that he largely accredits to his personal growth. In helping him express himself through community based work. With love and compassion. He has a passion for selfless work in society, and human rights. He is a champion for at-risk youth. And a firm advocate for the rights and just treatment of people of color, as well as the unhoused.

To discuss public speaking engagements and district trainings, please contact Vincent at to schedule a meeting.

Photography by Michelle Kilfeather

    "The work you do is so immensely valuable. Thank you for serving the unhoused and the City of Oakland."

    Jasmine Stitt

    "Love what y'all do. It was an honor meeting and recording a podcast with Vincent (Storied: SF)."

    Jeff Hunt

    "This is to honor Teddy Bear. He seemed to have really turned his life around, and you and your extended community helped make it happen. In solidarity . . . PM"

    Phyliss Martinez

    "This is in memory of our sister-in-law, Jennifer Cole, who volunteered with your organization."

    Graham & Amy L. Huey

    "I will send in a monthly contribution. I am not the type who wants to volunteer at this time but at least I can help financially. Thank you. Gage"

    Joseph (Gage) Stephens

    "I appreciate everything this organization does to help our community members"


    "Met at Keep Oakland Beautiful event. Really inspired by the work you do."


    "Thank you Vincent and team for all your work at Fitzgerald Park. You are saving lives."

    Chris Moore

    "Heard Vincent speak at Amy Cheney event. Love the work you do and the spirit in which you do it."

    Joan Galvez

    People Housed

    Tons of Trash Removed

    Volunteer Participation

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How will my donation be used?

    Donations are crucial for funding our cleanups, resource distributions, and case management services. Your support helps us provide essentials like food, clothing, and hygiene products, and contributes to our efforts in rehousing. 

    Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, your contribution to UCP is tax-deductible.

    Tax EIN 86-2807260


    Can I volunteer my time instead of donating money?

    Absolutely! We value the time and skills of our volunteers. There are many ways to get involved, from participating in cleanups to assisting in our administrative tasks. 

    Read the latest news from our blog:

    Make A Donation

    Addressing homelessness is a critical issue that deprives individuals and families of stability and essential resources. It’s a challenge that requires a compassionate, multifaceted approach. At Urban Compassion Project, we’re dedicated to making a meaningful difference, offering both immediate support and sustainable solutions.

    Your generous contributions allow us to expand our efforts in providing vital services, from community cleanups to outreach programs, directly benefiting those facing homelessness. Thank you for standing with us. Every contribution creates hope.

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